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Environmentally conscious companies are catalysts for the shift to a sustainable way of life for our children and our planet.

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Founder | Executive | Board Director | SDG/ESG Specialist | Speaker

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Climate Change & Environment Advocate

Juan is actively supporting companies, entrepreneurs, governments, and NGO’s in their path towards sustainability.

  • C-Suite Executive
  • Sustainable Development
  • Frontier Tech and Markets
  • Experienced Entrepreneur

Trusted by:

"Solar power is key to a future without fossil fuels, and Kingo’s technology will help enable broad use of clean energy across the developing world"

"Juan Fermin is one of the first and most visionary movers and shakers in the energy revolution!"

"Juan Fermin has a unique understanding of Latin America's renewable energy sector—based on his on the ground experience as well as his deep knowledge of governments and businesses active in the market."

"The impact that this campaign has generated exceeds our highest expectations, not only because of the multiple recognitions, but also because of the real impact caused in Kingo's business development and in making Guatemala stand out as a center of creative excellence on a global level."